TH3 R0AD AH3AD & S3R135 2.0 DROP

Many new things are on the horizon. Many things have been accomplished. Many things are being discovered and discussed. We are constantly building and working on new and exciting things in the background and we are currently looking for more Cronos partnerships.

Updated 6/03/2022


• Ebisu's Bay Genesis Collection - Sold Out in 30 seconds

• Agora Marketplace 1 of 1 Collection - Sold Out

• First IRL Piece Giveaway to one lucky minter from Agora drop

• WL snapshot for Genesis Holders for S3R135 2.0 Drop on Ebisu's Bay

• 0xLuckless Partnership with for custom printed NFT merch and art

• 0xLuckless Partnership with Blockchain Bingo Balls

• TofuNFT Verified for secondary listings of NFTs

• First Airdrop Completed for all NFT holders - Listed on Agora

• Dividends for holders via canvas and poster prints sold on

• Agora minted collection & airdrops moved to Ebisu's Bay, titled 0xLuckless v1.5

- TH1NG5 T0 C0M3 -

• Series 2.0 Drop on Ebisu's Bay (Spring 2022)

• Series 2.0 will consist of all one of one NFTs

• New options for NFT art including access to multiple resolutions and file types for owners

• More IRL art and merch giveaways

• Exclusive holders only discounts at partner websites

• Possible NFT staking and coin adoption for token redemption to buy exclusive items

- P4RTN3R5H1PS -

Blockchain Bingo Balls

Evergreen Kings

Luckless Avatar.png


You are the end-user. This project goes to the roots of what art was intended to be. A material item (digital now) that you buy because you like it and want to see it every day you walk past it. While simultaneously being an investment. You, the community, will set the floor price once the next project has been sold out. You hold the future value of the project in your hands. 0xLuckless seeks to set the AI-generated art bar higher because you deserve better. This isn't a one-off project. I am building a web3 brand that will constantly strive to grow and do new and exciting things by giving project supporters what they deserve, a safe and stable project.

Liquid Bubbles


When 0xLuckless started this project the goal was to create something that could be scaled upwards to real-world canvas sizes so the pieces could be enjoyed in real-world scenarios like the walls of your home or office. Not the 500 pixel tiny NFT images that are found all over each blockchain. 0xLuckless wanted full-resolution graphics that could be scaled or displayed at 8K resolution. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and graphics card output, this has now become a reality. If you mint or buy a piece on the secondary market, that piece is yours to print onto canvas, use as a background, print as a poster, however you want to make it real, and display the art as you wish. Commercial resale of any 0xLuckless NFTs is not permitted without permission by the artist.